Are you smarter than a primary school student? Try solving these questions

If you have been on any form of social media lately, you would have heard about the (in)famous unscramble-the-letters question from Maris Stella High School (Primary).

While at first glance the most obvious and logical solution would be “excited”, the letter choices that are given to students are not able to form that word.

Oh, did I mention that the question is for Primary 1 students?

So what is the solution? Netizens have offered their own thoughts on what could be the potential answer.

The answer is nothing as exciting as those above, unfortunately.

The principal of Maris Stella told Mothership that “the original question had been altogether different, and the school had forgotten to amend the letters in the boxes in the process of changing it.”

The correct answer is excited”, as predicted by many.

This was not the first time that a primary school exam question became viral on the internet.

Here’s a list of other (in)famous school questions that got us stumped.

You might wonder how one survived primary school back then.

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