The Secret to Mastering Math is to Make Math Fun!

Multi-Award-Winning Programme

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is a multi-award-winning enrichment programme for children from four to 12 years old. The curriculum is based on Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus, designed for its students to excel in mathematics and develop higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, metacognition, critical thinking and logical reasoning. The trainers at S.A.M aim to develop in their students strong thinking and analytical skills, which are not only applicable to maths, but also important study and life skills. It’s no wonder then that S.A.M is trusted and recommended by parents in 16 countries worldwide.

Maths Is Fun at S.A.M

Learning maths is fun and memorable with an array of interactive experiences such as hands-on activities and games. Personalised learning plans ensure learning is challenging yet achievable, keeping students motivated. S.A.M also adopts a coaching pedagogy that encourages and empowers children to discover their solutions.

Highly Effective Maths Enrichment Programme

The S.A.M approach combines the benefits of personalised teaching in the classroom with motivating students to self-learn through carefully designed worksheets that cover all topics. Students learn at their own pace through an individual-based Step-Up process and, through it, pick up important life skills such as discipline, responsibility and independent learning. They also get to develop problem-solving heuristic techniques and achieve procedural fluency. With a low student-trainer ratio, parents can be assured that their kids will learn at their own pace according to their abilities.

Math is Important

Maths is important for your child as it will eventually be used in many academic subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics, and applied in everyday life. With an effective curriculum, the right learning environment and committed trainers who understand every child’s learning pace and abilities, your young one can enjoy learning maths. Even children as young as four years old can grasp basic mathematical concepts and build a solid foundation in the subject.

S.A.M currently operates at 10 locations in Singapore. For more information, visit

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