The Real Joys of Being a Mom

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Vivienne Borne and family

Courtesy of Vivienne Borne

Experiencing Every Emotion

“Nothing else can produce the joy or broken heart that motherhood allows. I couldn’t imagine going through life without feeling that spectrum of emotion. There are wonderful days when I feel my cup runneth over. There are days that I want to run away and question every decision I have ever made. Feeling it all, good or bad, gives my life purpose. Motherhood is walking around with all of your nerve endings raw and exposed. It is the most extreme measure of being alive.”

—Vivienne Borne, Maryland

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Sarah Ganjon's kids

Courtesy of Sarah Ganjon

Watching Kids Be Kids

“The pure joy of just watching them be kids and re-living all those first moments when they have discovered how to do things on their own!”

—Sarah Ganjon, Maryland

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Jen Jackson and family

Courtesy of Jen Jackson

Being Healed by Their Joy

“Their smiles, their giggles, and their pride in new accomplishments! I can have the worst day, come home and listen to my children discuss their days and what they learned, or overhear them giggling playing a game or watching a movie—and poof! All is right in my world!”

—Jen Jackson, Texas

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Kath Radigan kids

Courtesy of Kathy Radigan

Finding Purpose in My Life

“I was 33 when I had my first child, so I know I had a life before children. But, I can’t remember what it was like! Having my children was such a life-altering experience. I always was looking for the purpose in my life and when I had my children I found it. I love being a mother. I know I am good at it.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t make my share of mistakes. Every day I add money to one of my three children’s “money for therapy for all the things I did to screw you up” account. But I am a better person for knowing my children and I am very honored to be their mother. And I wouldn’t trade my best day before kids for my worst day with kids! Thanks for the discussion.”

—Kathy Radigan, NY

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Sara Sleyster and family

Courtesy of Sara Sleyster

Sharing the Moments

“I love being a mom because of the hugs, the giggles, and the grins. When my kids are happy, so am I. They amaze me every day with their new words and discoveries. They have taught me to be more patient, more loving and much more appreciative of every moment we have together as a family.”

—Sara Sleyster, Iowa

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Lady Ozma kids

Courtesy of Lady Ozma

Rising to Any Occasion

“Motherhood is knowing joy, even while experiencing the hardest trials of life. I have learned to rise to any occasion and found myself lifted to new heights while stretching myself beyond any and all limits I once put upon myself. With rarely a dull moment, I’ve experienced more adventure in mothering my sons that ever imaginable. Motherhood gives me an excuse to stay young forever, kicking off my shoes and letting down my hair while enjoying love beyond measure. Motherhood is: my life, my joy, my passion, my greatest achievement.”

—Jacalyn Stanley (AKA Lady Ozma), Northern Virginia

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Kate Mayer and family

Courtesy of Kate Mayer

Enjoying the Evolution

“Bedtime is the best part of motherhood. Anyone that says anything different is lying! But also watching kids evolve into empathetic, kind human beings who can think for themselves. Like putting money in the bank, bit by bit. You don’t realize progress until far down the road. But so worth it!”

—Kate Mayer, Connecticut

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Katharine Manley holding her baby

Courtesy of Katharine Manley

Seeing Through Curious Eyes

“My life as a mom is a hectic life that is filled with schedules, diaper changes, feedings and much more. There are so many things I love about being a mom, but the one that stopped me dead in my tracks was when my 10-month-old son turned to me and said ‘Hi Mama.’ Another thing I love is playing on the floor with him and making him laugh so hard that he almost falls over. I love to stop and soak in the world through my son’s eyes; just today we were outside feeling and playing with leaves. I love the fact that when my son grows up to be a man I will have been beside him every step of the way teaching, helping, molding and loving him. Life is great, but life is even better once you have been blessed to become a mom!”

—Katharine Manley, Alabama

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Emily Brown

Courtesy of Emily Brown

Being a Better Person

“What I love about being a Mom is that my son has enhanced my life is so many ways. I am a better wife, worker, friend…”

—Emily Brown, California

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Tonya Cary's children

Courtesy of Tonya Cary

Staying Young

“I love that at the age of 33 I can fly a kite, blow raspberries, act like Scooby Doo, look forward with childish excitement to the Smurf’s comeback (movie will be in a theatre near you in May, whoot!), cut in front of lines with a crying baby, sing-along with Elmo while stopped at traffic lights (with the windows down!), go sled riding at the park, decorate sidewalks with chalk, use both men’s and women’s restrooms, run through public sprinkler systems, eat cake at children’s birthday parties, observe ants, play tag, build cities in the sandbox, order a Happy Meal (for myself), and laugh hysterically at Sponge Bob without looking stupid. All of this and so much more because of the two free-spirited, miniature men in my life.”

—Tonya Cary, Pennsylvania

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Sarah Lipoff and her child

Courtesy of Sarah Lipoff

Bursting with Mama Love

“What I love about being a mom is having the chance to see things all shiny and new through my daughter’s eyes. She just turned two, so everything’s all about new words, new sounds, and repeating things that she hears (which isn’t always one of the greatest things)! It’s the best when you are in the I’m-tired-of-being-a-mama mood and your toddler busts out with something awesome. My wee tot’s favorite word right now is ‘puppy.’ She tosses puppy into every short sentence she uses, like, ‘I want water… and puppy, please.‘ So, the other day, while we were driving, I was blown away when she saw two dogs walking and yelled out, ‘Mommy, TWO puppies.’ I had to pull over I was bursting with so much mama love!”

—Sarah Lipoff, California

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