8 Great Indoor Activities for Toddlers

It’s raining. For the seventh straight day in a row. You’ve played with all of your gabillion toys. You have baked! You haven eaten what you baked! How is it possible that it’s only 11 a.m.? Good news: We got you, mama. Here, ten brilliant things to do with your toddler when you’re stuck inside.

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Make Homemade Play Dough
Rainbow, glittery and non-toxic? Sign us up!

Or Better Yet, Homemade Slime
…Just maybe keep an eye on your toddler while she’s playing with this stuff near the furniture, OK?



Host a Living Room Picnic
Pack up a picnic (or laundry) basket with portable snacks and sandwiches and spread out a blanket on the living room rug. Bonus: The kiddos may even try new foods in a novel environment.

Or a Dance Party
Turn off the lights. Pull down the shades. Hand the kids flashlights. Watch out, Calvin Harris.



Build a Blanket Fort
There’s a diehard online culture devoted to this art. The sky (i.e., your duvet) is the limit.

Try Body Tracing
Have your toddler lie down on a large piece of paper and trace the outline of her body. Let her color in her face and decorate her “clothes” with glue sticks, glitter, fuzzy pom-poms and old buttons.



Play Toy Hide and Seek
Let him pick the toys he wants you to hide. At least 20 minutes of fun.

Go Water Bottle Bowling
Take 12 empty water bottles out of the recycling bin and voilà—instant pins (weigh them down with a scoop of dry pasta or water as needed). Then take turns rolling a ball and trying to get a strike.

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